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oh god @.@
 lolz so yesterday i went to the beach. it was funny n random! Me and my friends swam to the deep end, us being stupid ignored the fact that the waves were pretty high, so we started to get pulld farther n farther n we were laughing bout it till i notice that when i tried to swim back i couldnt >.< the waves were just pulling me deeper, so my friend david went to help me n got stung by a jelly fish -_- We finally make it to shore n  david was in pain, they made me pee on him because sopposably that takes away the pain... lol wow i had to pee on my bestfriends leg, how manny times in your life would u get to do that. hahaha. OH BUT WAIT! THERES MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao! on our way back we didnt all fit in the car, it was 8 ppl for car that can only hold 4! so there were there was three ppl in the front, my friend abbigal carrying me in the back, mariana in the middle, nicole on the other side n david laying on top of all of us, thing is, (he is too tall) lol so his feet were almost out the window! everyone kept looking at us!!!!! n one lady stoped her car to take a pic!!!!! lmao! WHAT A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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